JAMIE TOWNSEND works sporadically for pay, but always for love. He is the co-founder of con/crescent, a periodic hub of creative mumbo-jumbo. He is author of the chapbooks STRAP/HALO (Portable Press@ Yo-Yo Labs; 2011), Matryoshka (LRL Textile Editions; 2011), and THE DOME (Ixnay Press; 2011). In 2012 he was selected to be a Millay Colony fellow.


work-hardened the former
weak aenemic flesh every-
bodies working again, on breaks
fucking up in the parks hands
compressing beds pathways
or words given sanction no
longer waiting for a public body
politic chosen to reinscribe a dance
of muscle & thought over futures
projection down avenues now
overgrown w/ intimate histories un-
earthed rootwork buried in
nerves attuned to our beds
growth our mass reconstructed
memory finally standing at
the end to form a living horizon

& to hear as shared tragedy! so
packed into Rosetti’s late market
place such strongly focused in-
dependence on narcotic sweet
displays beyond any belief a temp-
oral patina made pact w/ this
weekend’s alcohol a glorious para-
noid cave in of borrowed time &
debts short lease life drawing
tighter around a numbed ribcage its
muscle pinned back as example

to be, finally, everything
          to everyone

be spoken of in labor the
rest as sleep portioned
out of lost will & fore-
thought your presence ground
down to basic needs / shelter
first second concerns ‘yes’ / the pact
of limitless beauty forever living
among what we cannot have

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