SO MUCH THANKS to all who came out to listen and participate in the conversation around labor, poetry, & poetics this weekend. If you weren't able to attend, you can listen to (most of) the presentations, which are posted as individual audio files below. 

We'll shortly be posting print versions of the talks here; visual or other material for presentations that were not primarily text-based; and a collectively generated bibliography / reading list.

During Monday's discussion there was a lot of interest in thinking about some ways of building constructively on the energies of the weekend. If you have something you'd like to add to the conversation---reflections, constructive criticism, threads you'd like to follow moving forward---please drop it in the comment box here or send it to us at labday2010 (at) gmail (dot) com. We'll add as much of it as we can to the blog as we go. 

Stay tuned---


  1. In a conversation afterward related to the economies of book/chapbook making, the Factory School and the Dusie Kolektiv came up as 2 models which attempt to redistribute that gift/labor.

  2. This website is awesome and it will take me a long time to explore the audio fully. Please keep it up a long time!

  3. I've listened to most all the talks archived below, and thank you. I see that Place showed a movie (so I understand it'd not be worth it to put up an audio recording here), and so my question is whether the talks by Killian, Lomax, and/or Brown will be put up too?

  4. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for checking out the audio. I can't speak for Lomax and/or Killian, but for Brown: I felt that the content of my presentation would actually make more precarious the already precarious situation in which I maintain employment. Especially in terms of Internet availability and googlability. I'm happy to share the text I presented back channel.


  5. & Dana Teen Lomax presented a video, which is why you don't see an audio file here.

  6. Steven, we're going to try to get both a version of Dana Teen Lomax's movie online, as well as Vanessa Place's powerpoint---do check back---